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Modular UPS System is Hot Swappable

Tripp Lite’s SU8000RT3U, SU8000RT3U1TF and SU8000RT3UHW are 8-kVA SmartOnline hot swappable modular UPS Systems. The design eliminates power-related downtime. Model SU8000RT3U features a 200-V to 240-V input and output, and model SU8000RT3U1TF includes a transformer module for an additional 120-V output. Model SU8000RT3UHW features 200-V to 240-V hardwire input and output.

The foundation of the hot swappable design is an innovative power distribution unit (PDU) that manages all input and output power connections and incorporates a manual bypass switch. Combined with the dynamic internal bypass feature that keeps power flowing to connected equipment in the event of a component problem, the manual bypass feature of the PDU enables UPS system maintenance and component replacement without power interruption.

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