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Miniature EMC Screening Shield Clips

Miniature EMC Screening Shield Clips

Harwin has expanded its popular EZBoardware range with the introduction of three new RFI Shield Clips suitable for small and low profile shield cans with wall thicknesses of between 0.15 and 1.0mm. These additions include two clips of only 3.9mm length, allowing users to fix smaller sized cans to the PCB using this cost effective method. The range of clips now available also includes the S0961-46R, specifically designed to provide significantly higher retention forces on the shield can, typically up by 30%, ideal for those users seeking to maximize retention of the shielding can to the board.

Supplied taped and reeled, EZShield Can Clips are designed to be automatically placed and surface mounted to the PCB, saving time-consuming, costly and potentially damaging secondary processing operations. The clips provide secure retention of RFI/EMI shield cans, resisting shock and vibration, whilst facilitating easy removal and replacement, making them ideal for adjustment, repair and maintenance purposes

Applications are found in many markets, ranging from Consumer Electronics through to the Industrial, Instrumentation and Control Systems environments. Essentially, EZShield Can Clips suit any market that either uses RF devices or requires protection from interference. Typical examples may be found in, radio systems, wireless equipment and consumer electronics, where low cost, effective can-retention needs to be combined with good shielding performance.

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