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MIL-COTS Converters Run off 12-V or 24-V Buses

Vicor’s MIL-COTS 28-V Maxi Series of fully encapsulated dc-dc converters features a wide input range of 10 V to 36 V. This range enables the modules to operate from either the 12-V or 24-V supplies that are typical of battery systems found in vehicles.

Device type: dc-dc converters
Input voltage range: 10 V to 36 V
Output voltage: 8 output voltage options ranging from 3.3 V to 48 V
Output power: 200 W max
Efficiency: up to 85%
Features: proprietary spin fill process assures complete, void-free encapsulation making converters suitable for the harshest environments; units offer four operating/storage temperature grades; baseplate options include slotted, threaded, and through-hole; units are parallelable with N+M fault tolerance
Packaging: 4.6 in. x 2.2 in.x 0.5 in.
Operating tenperature range: -20ºCto 100ºC, -40ºCto 100ºC, or -55ºCto 100ºC,
Target applications: battery-power vehicular systems plus industrial and process control, distributed power, medical, ATE, communications, defense, and aerospace
Pricing: as low as $151 each (C Grade) in 100-piece quantities.
Availability: available now
Data sheet? yes, see http://cdn.vicorpower.com/documents/datasheets/ds_28vinWide-maxi-family.pdf

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