Power Electronics

Microsize/Micropower High Voltage Power Supplies

UltraVolt, Inc. announced its plan to offer several families of standard-product, microsize and micropower high-voltage power supplies.

These new lines of microsize and micropower high-voltage power supplies open many avenues to customers, offering UltraVolt's tradition of high performance coupled with ultra-compact size and low power. These miniature, lightweight models offer low ripple, tight line and load regulation, programmable output, and output current-limit protection. Some models feature voltage monitoring and performance to 10ppm. The new series are designed and optimized to meet the needs of design engineers with applications such as avalanche photo diodes (APD), photomultiplier tubes (PMT), micro-channel plates (MCP), image intensifiers (ii), electrostatic chucks (E-chuck), scanning electron microscopes (SEM), and mass spectrometers.

Volumes for the new families range from 0.08in3 to 3in3 [1.3 cc to 50 cc], representing packages less than one tenth the volume of UltraVolt's existing high voltage modules. Output voltages for these new lines range from 0 to 100V through 0 to 8kV, at 100mW to 6W of output power, with output current ranges from 30µA to 6mA.

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