Power Electronics

Maxim Wins ERDF Contract

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. has won a contract to define and develop a next-generation, powerline-communication (PLC) specification and solution for Electricité Réseau Distribution France (ERDF), a wholly owned subsidiary of the EDF (Electricité de France) Group. In partnership with Sagem Communications, Maxim will deliver an open PLC specification that facilitates the implementation of an automatic meter-management (AMM) infrastructure in France.

ERDF will deploy an AMM infrastructure throughout France to manage its complete electricity supply chain-from electricity suppliers all the way to consumers. This infrastructure will enable two-way communication between meters, sensors, and switches using existing power lines, thus giving ERDF enhanced monitoring and control capabilities. It will also provide end-customers with greater visibility into their electricity usage and encourage demand-side management of electricity supplies. This advanced functionality will enable ERDF to deliver a new level of customer-centric services and promote energy conservation.

The successful completion of this project is expected to result in the replacement of more than 35 million meters and concentrators in France. Moreover, this implementation will function as a lighthouse project, illuminating the way for other countries as they renew their electricity-network infrastructure to meet the European Commission's energy mandates.

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