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The new E5063A frequency options cover the 100 kHz to 500MHz 15GHz 30GHz Opt 235 65GHz and 14GHz frequency ranges Image courtesy of Keysight Technologies
<p>The new <span data-scayt-lang="en_US" data-scayt-word="E5063A">E5063A</span> frequency options cover the 100 kHz to 500-MHz, 1.5-GHz, 3.0-GHz (Opt. 235), 6.5-GHz and 14-GHz frequency ranges. (Image courtesy of Keysight Technologies).</p>

Low-Frequency Vector Network Analyzer

Keysight Technologies Inc. recently announced five new frequency options for its E5063A ENA Series network analyzer and set the E5063A's new starting price at $10,000. With these new options and price, the E5063A now offers the best balance between price and performance. This allows passive component manufacturers to satisfy business and technical requirements.

The new E5063A frequency options cover the 100 kHz to 500-MHz (Opt. 205), 1.5-GHz (Opt. 215), 3.0-GHz (Opt. 235), 6.5-GHz (Opt. 265) and 14-GHz (Opt. 2D5) frequency ranges. The options complement the E5063A's existing 4.5-, 8.5- and 18-GHz measurement capabilities. Flexible frequency upgrades are also available to meet future needs and protect equipment investment.

The E5063A is a low cost network analyzer providing optimized performance and functionality for testing simple passive components, such as antennas, cables, filters, and PCBs. The analyzer uses the consistent measurement framework of the industry standard ENA Series to boost efficiency and productivity, and is future proof and ready to evolve as the technologies change.

Keysight's new frequency options (Option 205, 215, 235, 265, and 2D5) for the E5063A ENA Series network analyzer are available now. Pricing is dependent on the selected configuration. The base prices are as follows:

  • E5063A with option 205 (500 MHz):                                           $10,000
  • E5063A with option 215 (1.5 GHz):                                            $12,000
  • E5063A with option 235 (3.0 GHz):                                            $14,000
  • E5063A with option 265 (6.5 GHz):                                            $18,700
  • E5063A with option 2D5 (14 GHz):                                            $27,000
  • E5063A with option 010 (time-domain analysis):                       $4,000
  • E5063A with option 006 (wireless power transfer):                    $5,000 
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