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Laboratory-Grade LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

Dolan-Jenner Industries announced availability of its Fiber-Lite® model LMI-6000 LED Fiber Optic Illuminator, designed to support a variety of microscopy, medical research and general in-laboratory studies, as well as OEM custom lighting, assembly and inspection equipment applications.

Offering higher output than comparable 150 watt halogen lighting sources while using up to 64% less energy, design of the Dolan-Jenner Fiber-Lite model LMI-6000 incorporates long life bright white LEDs with a color temperature of 6000K and up to 780 lumens at fiber interface (8 mm diameter). The LEDs provide more than 25,000 hours of continuous light, generating negligible amounts of heat. The maintenance free nature of the LEDs eliminates concern over halogen bulb burnouts, fuse failures, and worn lamp sockets, all of which can lead to costly downtime. The LMI-6000 is offered with a linear, 15-step light intensity control and universal voltage input of 100-240 VAC, with available UK, mainland Europe and North America compatible line cords.

Designed expressly with microscopy applications in mind, and with direct compatibility with most other Dolan-Jenner fiber optic products, the LMI-6000 is further able to support and fully illuminate gooseneck and annular ring light fiber optic light guides, and features an integrated handle and stackable housing. Units occupy a small overall footprint, with a series of quick change adapters available.

The LMI-6000 is both RoHS compliant and CE certified, with a one-year comprehensive product line warranty.

Dolan-Jenner Industries
Part Number: LMI-6000

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