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Inverters Enable Advanced Renewable Energy Harvesting

Power-One's AuroraPVI-6000 Series of PV and wind grid-tie inverters utilize two high-speed independent maximum-power-point tracking (MPPT) channels to optimize energy harvesting in installations with multiple PV arrays oriented in different directions. The amount of available energy is also increased through the use of designs without transformers that provide up to 97% conversion efficiencies.

Bill Yeates, Power-One’s CEO, commented; “The PVI-6000 is the first of many exciting new products from Power-One that are designed to further address the fast-growing alternative energy markets. In addition to providing unmatched energy harvesting under varying weather conditions, the PVI-6000 Series offers best-in-class communications capabilities, and a robust design that is designed to provide full-rated power on a continuous basis with a 25-year MTBF.”

The PVI-6000 Series provides grid-connected operation certified to international standards. Additional features include: laptop-free configuration via front-panel mounted buttons, true sine-wave outputs with self-selecting voltage capabilities, less than 3.5% total harmonic distortion (typical), anti-islanding protection, and rugged IP65 (NEMA 4) enclosures. Communications interfaces include RS485, Power Line Modem (PLM), and the optional Aurora Easy Communication System, which facilitates remote monitoring via the Internet, analog modem, or GSM modem.

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