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Internal Power Supply Spec Is Revised

Last Thursday at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Dallas, revision 6 of the "Protocol for Calculating the Energy Efficiency of Internal AC-DC Power Supplies" was unveiled. Ecos Consulting and EPRI Solutions have been developing this generalized test procedure for measuring internal power supply efficiency for the past two years under funding from the Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program. This latest revision of the procedure reflects input received during a technical workshop funded by the California Energy Commission in January.

The latest version of this procedure can be found at www.EfficientPowerSupplies.org/methods.asp. Among the substantive updates in this version are guidelines for testing the power consumption of the standby rail of internal power supplies. In addition, the scope of the procedure has been refined such that the procedure now only applies to "separable" internal power supplies. Other changes include improved specifications for test equipment and specific recommendations on wiring.

The APEC presentation on this procedure “SP4.2 The Efficiency Of Internal Power Supplies: Test Procedure And Policy Developments,” will be available online at www.apec-conf.org/2006/APEC06_Special.html.

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