Power Electronics

Interactive Design Center Is Web-based

Nexergy has launched of a new web site at nexergy.com. The web site features an interactive design center that provides visitors with the information they need to optimize their portable power source configuration.

The Nexergy Design Center includes a chemistry selector chart that illustrates key comparative points of commonly-used cell chemistries, including volume, charge and discharge temperatures, and voltage. The site also summarizes the properties of an array of cell chemistries, including alkaline, lead acid, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion, and lithium polymer.

A convenient, user-friendly capacity calculator provides a simple way to estimate the battery capacity needed to meet an application’s run-time in both standby and active modes, determining the optimal current requirements for a specific application. Finally, a selection of white papers presents detailed technical insights that are significant in the development of custom battery packs and chargers.
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