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Integrated Bus Converter Saves Board Space

The ATC210 bus converter from Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson, is a front-end power solution for use on telecom cards. The majority of existing Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) bus converters employ a combination of a front-end interface and a conversion module, consuming valuable board space. The ATC210 is a fully integrated solution that can reduce board space by 20% to 40%. It is expressly designed for use in ATCA systems.

The ATC210 bus converter has a 2.3-in. x 1.8-in. footprint and a typical full-load efficiency of 89%, yielding a power density in excess of 60 W/in3. It is rated at 210 W.

It has dual inputs, each accommodating a wide input voltage range of -36 V to 72 V, and it generates two independent, isolated dc outputs. The main 12 V output can deliver up to 17.5 A and is intended for powering an on-card intermediate bus.

The secondary output is for supplying peripheral power management circuitry; it is rated at 1.8 A, and is resistor-programmable over the range of 3.13 V to 3.47 V. The converter is equipped with a I2C serial bus and direct high-speed interfaces for monitoring, reporting and digital programming of fault thresholds. Built-in power management functions include input ORing, inrush control and transient protection.

These bus converters achieve a typical MTBF in excess of 2 million hours (in accordance with Telcordia SR-332). The converters are comprehensively protected against overload and fault conditions, and have a two-year warranty. They meet the rigorous ETS 300 386-1 immunity and emission standards, feature EN60950-1 (TÜV Product Service) and UL/cUL60950-1 safety approvals, and are Pb-free (RoHS 6/6-compliant) products.

Sample ATC210 bus converters are available now. Pricing in 1000-piece quantities is $148.

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