Power Electronics

Input Power Line Conditioner with Holdup Capability

North Atlantic Industries (NAI) has announced the availability of its latest 3U, cPCI power product-NAI 44LS1 Power Conditioner / Holdup Unit, ideally suited for rugged land, sea and air applications. The 44LS1 protects downstream DC-DC converters from MIL-STD-704A-F and MIL-STD-1275 transients, including high and low voltage transients as well as power interruptions lasting up to 50 ms. In addition, the 44LS1 provides reverse polarity protection for downstream electronics. The 44LS1 is designed to meet standard 3U cPCI mechanical requirements and is a perfect companion unit for all NAI 3U DC/DC converters.

Open Collector Signals monitor holdup capacitor's internal storage energy, input voltage and output status. The internal storage can support 100W load for 50 ms. Connections for additional external holdup capacitance are provided for applications requiring greater than 50 ms of holdup. Pricing starts at $1,759 in quantities of 100+.

North Atlantic Industries, Inc.
Part Number: 44LSI

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