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Infolytica Releases Update to MagNet Version 7

Infolytica Corporation has announced the latest release of MagNet version 7 is now available. The update includes several new features and general improvements to the company's electromagnetic field simulation software. These include additional support for multicore processors and modeling nonlinear surface impedances. The company has previously announced the updated MagNet v7 will include new capabilities for simulating the magnetization of a permanent magnet.

MagNet v7 introduced new parallel computing 3D solvers which are optimized to take full advantage of multicore processors. For computational intensive design problems, the simulation time is reduced significantly due to better management of the cores. The new release expands on the software's support for multicore processing:

  • Parallel computing 2D solvers (static, AC, transient and transient fields with moving components)
  • Automatic Meshing and Re-meshing in 2D
  • Running concurrent sessions of MagNet solvers in 2D or 3D

With this new feature, users can control the number of cores dedicated to a particular 2D or 3D solve, increasing the number for more computational demanding problems, or distribute the multicore processing to run several concurrent sessions of MagNet. For larger core machines, several concurrent sessions of multicore solves can be taking place.

MagNet v7.1 allows users to simulate the magnetization process; specifically the magnetic field strength inside the permanent magnet component will be determined by the magnetization pattern and source current in the magnetizing coils. The result will be a permanent magnet for which each point inside will have a different recoil loop depending on the flux density that it has reached during the magnetization process.

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