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Industry's Smallest Integrated Power Stage (iPSTM)

Primarion, an Infineon Technologies subsidiary and a mixed-signal semiconductor company introduces the PX4650 and PX4640, industry's smallest integrated power stage (iPSTM) offering superior performance for high power density solutions required by servers, storage equipment and routers.

Primarion's PX4650 and PX4640 accommodate current industry demands for higher power density in space constrained applications and integrated modules by minimizing the number of external components. The new power stage integrates low RDSon N-Channel MOSFETs for both high and low side FETs together with high and low side MOSFET drivers. Full integration of drivers and FETs minimizes switching losses while providing industry's leading high power density integrated solutions.

When combined with Primarion's digital multiphase or Di-POLTM controllers, PX4650 and PX4640 offer a complete high current small form factor voltage regulation solution that supports an average output current of up to 50A in 24mm2 (per phase) surface area with superior system efficiency, high output voltage accuracy, fast transient response and extensive protection features. With such capability, Primarion is able to provide the industry with the highest density Vcore and memory power solutions that achieve 92 to 94 percent efficiency.

Both PX4650 and PX4640 contain a number of self-protection features. Primarion's integrated pulse-by-pulse peak current limit provides instantaneous response to any over-current conditions. The PX4650 and PX4640 also have integrated temperature sensors that provide on-die measurement of FETs' junction temperatures. When used with Primarion controllers, this feature provides accurate and programmable over-temperature protection.

Design benefits of the PX4650 and PX4640 include: a standard footprint that offers scalability and ease of PCB layout; flexible and simplified design that achieves reliable performance; reduced board space and fewer component count which lower the solution cost; low RDSon that yields higher efficiency; process and temperature independent current sensor that provides accurate over current protection; and a 20-lead QFN package which offers small footprint with ease of manufacturability. All these features are ready to meet manufacturers' needs for the highest power density in the industry.

Summary of Features:

  • Fully integrated drivers with high-side and low-side output FETs in QFN package
  • Highest power density solution when combined with Primarion® Digital Multiphase or Di-POL controllers
  • 50A (PX4650) or 40A (PX4640) output current carrying capability per power stage
  • Greater than 92% efficiency for Vcore multiphase solutions
  • Input Under Voltage Protection (IUVP)
  • Average Current Limit protection when combined with a Primarion Digital Controller
  • Integrated Pulse-by-Pulse Peak Current Limit (P2CL)
  • Integrated over-temperature protection
  • Temperature Monitor
  • Switching Frequency 200kHz - 1.3 MHz
  • Three-state PWM input compatible (3.3V or 5.0V)
  • RoHS compliant 4mm x 6mm QFN package

Primarion's PX4650 and PX4640 are now available for general sampling.

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