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Industrial Power Supply Market to fall by 30% in 2009 - But there is still Light!

The world merchant power supply market is projected to decline by over 15% in 2009, with the industrial power supply sector falling in excess of 30% according to the latest analysis from IMS Research (www.imsresearch.com).

The latest report from IMS Research, which analyses the world market for AC-DC & DC-DC merchant power supplies, forecasts that nearly all sectors will see a decline in 2009, with the largest fall predicted in industrial applications. In fact, the only sector during 2009 which is expected to grow is lighting, driven by strong demand for AC-DC power supplies used in LED lighting applications.

Ryan Sanderson, Market Analyst for IMS Research's Power and Energy group commented, "2009 continues to be a tough year for merchant power supply vendors across the board. Those supplying to the industrial market are likely to see a particularly large drop in their revenues." Demand for power supplies in semiconductor and automotive manufacturing machinery and test and measurement equipment has fallen dramatically. Furthermore the industrial sector entered the downturn later than other sectors and recovery in this sector is anticipated to be more protracted and later than the rest of the market.

Sanderson noted, "One positive sign for power supplies in 2009 is the lighting market, with many suppliers trying to address LED lighting applications." "Though the applications in this market are currently fairly niche, such as LED street lighting and sign boards, strong growth is predicted to continue as more and more applications adopt or convert to LED technology", Sanderson added.

Further findings from the "The World Market for AC-DC & DC-DC Power Supplies 2009" are that the DC-DC converter market is forecast to decline the most of all merchant power supply types in 2009, owing mainly to the large number of competing suppliers in this market. This is expected to push average selling prices down much further than in past years. Recovery in the overall merchant power supply market is forecast from 2010 onwards though the speed of this will differ largely by sector and power supply type.

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