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IHS Closes Acquisition of iSuppli Corporation

Find a downloadable version of this story in pdf format at the end of the story.

IHS Inc. has completed the closing of its acquisition of iSuppli Corporation, the global leader in technology value chain research and advisory services. The approximately $95 million transaction also includes Screen Digest, a leading digital media and technology research company, which was recently acquired by iSuppli.

“Taking advantage of existing IHS expertise, the addition of iSuppli and Screen Digest will help us develop new products and services for a variety of the vertical markets we serve,” said IHS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jerre Stead. “IHS electronic components and industry standards information will now have the added value of cost, teardown and supply and demand analysis along with forecasting and market intelligence.”

iSuppli is the global leader in electronics technology research and advisory services serving more than 500 customers in high-tech services, consumer electronics, multi-national industrial conglomerates, financials, automotive and governments. The company's primarily subscription-based product offerings range from electronic component research to device-specific application market forecasts, from teardown analysis to display device and systems research to hardware design forecasting. Screen Digest provides information and analysis surrounding traditional and emerging media content and distribution technology value chain. Screen Digest serves more than 180 major telecommunications, broadcasting and media production companies around the world with subscription-based intelligence services, industry reports, research bulletins and consulting services.

Find a downloadable version of this story in pdf format at the end of the story. Download the story in pdf format here.

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