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ICAP SPICE Simulation Software

Intusoft announced the release of its ICAP/4 8.x.11 Build 3839 SPICE-simulation tool suite for analog, mixed-signal, mixed-systems and digital signal processing (DSP) design. Enhancements have been added to the 11th-generation software from its former Build 3684, running on Windows 7 and 64-bit operating systems. The "x" in 8.x.11 deciphers Intusoft's scalable solutions, ranging up through the premiere ICAP/4 Professional and Test Designer products.

The SPICE simulation product family has been enhanced to further solidify its operation. Customer inputs were accommodated to improve the operability of certain features in ICAP/4's SpiceNet design entry system, as well as the IntuScope waveform viewing and signal processing tool. A unique "Auto Save" function in SpiceNet was developed, in which if a database error is discovered by the software, the user is notified and given the option of reverting to the most recent automatically saved backup. Other features in SpiceNet were added that affect the printing and component "find" capability.

A 2nd generation of Intusoft's DSP Designer software, hardware and firmware option was upgraded for ICAP/4 by way of Intusoft's Solar2TiM evaluation board. Solar2TiM accommodates direct plug-in for Texas Instruments' Piccolo MCU development system and Microchip's DSPIC33 16-bit 28-pin starter board. The Solar2TiM features more robust performance than its predecessor. It now runs up to 60 volts on its input and output, with 2-amp input capability. It was designed for solar panel battery-charging and other power electronic applications employing DSP. DSP Designer uses Z transformations and Bode plots to simulate DSP design, plus employs firmware to drive and receive AC, DC and transient signals in real time to and from DSP development systems. Further, Intusoft's third party relationships with Texas Instruments and Microchip were strengthened by signed agreements to put Intusoft and DSP Designer on the respective IC manufacturers' websites.

Part Number: ICAP

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