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High Voltage Pulse Modulator For Pilot Scale Process Development

A compact, high voltage pulse modulator for small scale laboratory experiments involving food, biofuel and PEF (pulsed electric field processing) is available from Diversified Technologies, Inc. of Bedford, Massachusetts.

The PowerMod™ HVPM Series Solid-State Modulator features fully adjustable 1 to 100 µs pulse widths and up to 30 kHZ nominal pulse frequency, depending upon power level, and lets users easily change voltage, and other settings to provide up to 30 kV of peak pulses and currents from 10 to 1,200 Amps. Flexible, compact, air insulated, and water cooled, these all solid-state modulators are ideal for pilot scale process development and evaluation.

Delivering up to 99% efficiency and <1 µs rise times into a resistive load, PowerMod™ HVPM Series Solid-State Modulators offer full internal self protection against over-voltage and over-current conditions. Suitable for a wide range of applications in R/D, process development, and pilot scale systems, they operate on 110 VAC and are 19" rack-mountable.

PowerMod™ HVPM Series Solid-State Modulators are priced from $49,900.00, depending upon configuration. Literature is available upon request.

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