Power Electronics

High-Voltage Differential Probes for Floating Signal Measurements

Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced 25-MHz and 100-MHz, high-voltage differential probes. The N2790A and N2791A high-voltage differential probes allow conventional earth-grounded Agilent oscilloscopes to be used for floating signal measurements of up to 1,400 V of differential voltage and 1,000 V of common-mode voltage. Thanks to its high bandwidth and excellent input-impedance characteristics, the probe can accurately measure up to 3.5 nsec of fast transient edges in modern switching power supplies.

The N2790A and N2791A differential probes offer user-selectable attenuation settings that make it highly versatile and allow it to be used for a broad range of applications. The probe comes with various probe tip accessories for use with small and large components in tight places. The N2790A also has an over-range indicator that alerts the user when the probe input exceeds the dynamic range of the probe.

The Agilent N2790A and N2791A differential probes are available now at a price of $1,250 and $600 each.

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