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High Power Density AC Tester

Pacific Power Source, Inc. introduces the 3120-ASX, the latest addition to its line of manual and programmable AC Power Sources. With 12kVA in a 9U chassis, the 3120-ASX offers the highest power density found in today's AC Test Power market. This unit builds on the proven technology found in Pacific Power Source's widely-used ASX Series AC Power Source family and delivers full-power capability in single-, split- or three-phase mode. The 3120-ASX is ideal for AC test, frequency conversion, laboratory and bench-power applications.

Like all AC Power Sources in the ASX family, the 3120-ASX converts power by high-frequency pulse width modulation, resulting in cool, quiet and efficient operation. Utilizing the UPC-3 Controller with its powerful micro-controller to create a fully integrated test system, the 3120-ASX delivers a variety of power conditions to the device under test. It also meters and analyzes all output-performance parameters. With quartz-crystal-stabilized output frequency, the 3120-ASX is a superior source of stable AC voltage over the frequency range of 15 to 1,200Hz and voltages up to 600V. The flexibility to provide both single- and three-phase outputs makes the 3120-ASX an excellent choice for three-phase input to split (two-phase) or single-phase output power conversion.

All ASX Series AC Power Sources are equipped with Pacific Power Source's UPC Controller, providing the industry's most powerful and user-friendly operator interface. Standard features of the 3120ASX-UPC3 include a 22 Waveform Library and Arbitrary Waveform Generation, RS-232 interface with SCPI, and 99 steady-state programs with associated transients for static and dynamic test applications. Available options include GPIB (IEEE-488.2) interface with SCPI, Peak In-rush capture and Waveform analysis, LabVIEW for WindowsTM and LabWindowsTM Instrument Drivers, and a wide range of Output Magnetics for worldwide testing.

Another advantage of the 3120ASX-UPC3 is its compatibility with UPC Studio Software. Recognized for its exceptional control of UPC-equipped AC Power Sources, UPC Studio Software is particularly versatile because of its unique Test Manager feature, which helps users quickly create and run Test Sequences and Test Plans. Test Sequences consist of one or more Output Sequences designed to execute a series of automated tasks that control and monitor the AC Power Source and other instruments. Test results are then stored in user-defined test reports. Test Plans manage and simplify complex tasks by allowing the user to link together a series of Test Sequences into a single test.

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