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High Impedance Active Probes Operate to 1.5 GHz

LeCroy’s family of single-ended active probes feature a high input resistance of 1 MΩ and low input capacitance of 0.9 pF. The probes—the ZS1500 (1.5 GHz) and ZS1000 (1 GHz)—maintain full system bandwidth at the probe tip when used with the WaveRunner Xi, WaveSurferXs, 1 GHz, and 600 MHz oscilloscopes (The ZS probe series is compatible with all LeCroy X-Stream oscilloscopes running the latest firmware). Additionally, the ZS family of probes has an extensive range of standard and optional probe tips and ground accessories.

Making a good ground connection is just as important as accessing the right test point. Keeping the ground loop short is critical. The ZS probes provide several grounding capabilities to provide the high signal fidelity by shortening the ground loop and eliminating the effect of that loop on the signal.

The ZS probe series features a unique form factor and mechanical design that is not only small, but also specifically designed for probing consecutive square pins. With this form factor, several square pins can be probed by interlocking the probes. The list price for the ZS1000 is $490 and the ZS1500 is $1190.

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