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High Density, Low Dissipation EMI Filters for Aerospace and MIL Applications

GAIA Converter, the specialist high reliability power converter module supplier, announces the availability of three EMI filter modules providing state of the art electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection for avionic and military power systems. Those modules offer a very compact, and very low dissipation solution in application where space is critical without need of any heatsink.

The FGDS-2A-50V is rated from 4-50W at up to 2A input current, the FGDS-10A-50V rated at 50-150W at up to 10A input current and the FGDS-20A-50V rated at 150-300W at up to 20A input current. All filters meet the requirements of MIL-STD-461parts D, E and F, with the FGDS-2A-50V also meeting part C. All three filters are also compliant to DO-160 parts C, D, E and F and will withstand, without damage, the transient and spike requirements of MIL-STD-704A and MIL-STD-1275B. The filters are fully characterized for operation in all environmental conditions including altitude, humidity, atmosphere, temperature cycling and shock as well as mechanical vibration, bump and shock.

Modules are housed in very compact size, the dimensions of the FGDS-2A-50V are 35.5x20.5x10.7mm, the FGDS-10A-50V is housed in 40.8x27x12.7 mm package and the FGDS-20A-50V measures 40.8x27x16.5mm; they do not need any heatsink for dissipation. All GAIA products are designed and manufactured in-house in France using fully automated manufacturing and test equipment. GAIA Converters have offices in France, Germany and the USA and distributors worldwide.

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