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Power Electronics
Image courtesy of Douglas Electrical Components
<p>(Image courtesy of Douglas Electrical Components).</p>

Hermetic Feedthroughs and Connectors

Douglas Electrical Components Inc. displayed its range of fully connectorized hermetic cable harnesses, sealed connectors and port plate solutions at the 2015 Space Tech Expo. Offering a broad range of design options that allow easy connection to existing instrumentation, Douglas products have been designed to satisfy the technical requirements of space simulation facilities.

Visitors to the show were able to view Douglas’ PotCon® hermetic feed-throughs, which incorporate standard connectors and wire harnesses in a single, fully-sealed housing. PotCon features circuits that can disconnect at the pressure bulkhead or vacuum Portplate, allowing for easy mating and un-mating.

Also at the show was the DuctorSeal® line of wire and cable assemblies from Douglas Electrical Components, which integrate custom wire harnesses in hermetically sealed feedthroughs that have been pre-wired and pre-tested. These cable harnesses support many different combinations of connectors on the vacuum and atmospheric sides and can accommodate conductor counts of up to three thousand wires. 

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