Heat pump maker finds energy efficiency standards have teeth

Based independent test results, DOE has determined that a heat pump and an air conditioner made by AeroSys, Inc. violate federal law, falling about 4% and 8% below minimum standards, respectively. DOE says its Notice of Noncompliance to AeroSys requires the manufacturer to respond within 15 days of its issuance, detailing steps the company will take to remove the two failed models from U.S. commerce. AeroSys must also provide written notification of violations to all businesses that sold the products.

If the company fails to respond, DOE says it will seek a judicial order to prevent the sale of the appliances.

DOE says this is the first time it has told a company to halt the distribution of products that failed to meet minimum energy efficiency standards. DOE also recently launched two investigations into lighting, air conditioning, and heat pump products that may have failed to meet federal energy efficiency standards. These probes are part of the ongoing efforts at DOE and across the Obama Administration to strengthen and enforce federal energy efficiency standards that will save money for consumers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the country.

Read the the DOE press release, and the full Notice of Noncompliance here:

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