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Green Switchers Receive Safety Approvals

The PLA01, PLA02, PLA03 and PLA05 series of single-output "green" switchers from Phihong have been awarded UL and cUL approvals. These switchers, with output power ranging from 1.3 W to 5 W and output voltages from 5 V to 12 V, are specifically designed to replace linear supplies below 12 V. Previously, this power range domain was well-served by linear regulated power supplies because of their low output noise, fast transient response and low cost.

However, environmental requirements have placed pressure on OEMs to reduce off-state power consumption and on-state efficiency. This trend spawned the Phihong PLA series of low-power switchers, and each model meets all voluntary and mandatory environmental regulations for no-load current drain and efficiency. The switchers are priced from $2.95 for 1-W models to $3.90 for 5-W models in quantities of 1000.

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