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Graphical Sampling Digital Multimeter

Graphical Sampling Digital Multimeter

Keithley Instruments announced the introduction of the DMM7510 7½-Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter, the first of a new class of digital multimeters. It integrates a high accuracy digital multimeter, a digitizer for waveform capture, and a capacitive touchscreen user interface. The DMM7510 is designed to give users confidence in the accuracy of their results, the ability to explore measurements further, and intuitive touchscreen operation. Its user interface continues the company's Touch, Test, Invent® design philosophy that lets users learn faster, work smarter and invent easier.

To get an in-depth understanding of their devices under test, engineers need to capture small signals at higher accuracy and faster speeds than traditional DMMs can provide. The DMM7510's intuitive operation and high speed digitizer allow it to address a wide range of test applications, including device characterization, debugging, and analysis; production test/ATE; and applications in research labs and universities.

The DMM7510 offers users a powerful combination of capabilities:

·     Higher measurement accuracy, so they can be confident of the integrity of their results

·     High accuracy signal sampling with an 1MS/sec, 18-bit digitizer

·     Interactivity and waveform visualization via the five-inch capacitive touchscreen interface

·     The DMM7510 provides capabilities and functions most other digital multimeters can't equal:

·     Free KickStart instrument control start-up software lets PC users configure and take measurements quickly.

·     Online HELP is just a button press away.

The US list price for the DMM7510 is $3,990, with immediate availability from Keithley sales partners.


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