Got an idea for an efficient geothermal heat pump? Tell the DOE

Nearly $50 million from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act will go to advance commercial deployment of heating and cooling systems which use energy from below the Earth’s surface.

Geothermal heat pumps, also called ground-source heat pumps, can be more efficient than the air-source heat pumps more commonly found in commercial and residential applications today. GHPs can substantially reduce building-related electricity demand while providing lower utility bills and lower maintenance costs to users.

DOE says there are opportunities for geothermal heat pump projects in three areas:

  1. Innovative Technology Demonstrations: Cost-shared technology demonstration projects that retrofit/incorporate a minimum of 50 tons of heating and cooling capacity and can be deployed in various geological conditions and climate zones in either residential communities or commercial buildings. Selected projects will incorporate innovative business and financing strategies, and focus on technological improves to speed marketplace deployment.
  2. Life Cycle Cost Tools: Projects that will assist in determining project feasibility by gathering and analyzing data related to system costs, performance, and installation techniques which will help decrease life-cycle cost applications for GHPs.
  3. National Certification and Accreditation: A national certification and accreditation program for the GHP industry designed to increase consumer confidence in the technology, reduce the potential for improperly installed systems, and assure product quality and performance.

    Check out a list of funding opportunities here:
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