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Power Electronics

Fully Automated Test Line To Ramp Up Power Electronics Manufacturing

LEMSYS SA announced that it has upgraded a major IGBT and MOSFET production facility in China with a fully automated test line for high voltage Direct Bond Copper (DBC) substrates.

LEMSYS Automated Test Line incorporating robotics and seamlessly integrated in the production line of high power semiconductor devices, can conduct quality testing and sorting of components at a rate of 300 parts/hour meeting annual production output targets of more than 1 Million components.

These are pretty impressive numbers when compared with production plants where the quality test checks are carried out manually by at least two operators working full time, hardly exceeding an annual production output of 200K units.

Key features of LEMSYS automated test line:

Seamless communication with power semiconductor production line for effective interoperability, management, analysis and planning (Manufacturing Execution System compliant).

·         A broad range of configurations via an-easy-to-use test menu for dynamic and static testing and sorting at room temperature or at high temperature (125 °C and more).

·         Laser marking of components option provided and 2D Code Reading standards (Bar code, QR code, Datamatrix…) compliant, for traceability.

·         Detection function of orientation of Device Under Test (DUT), for easy adjustment, provided.

·         Specifically designed for insertion of the DUT in a vacuum chamber and injection of compressed Nitrogen to enable high voltage testing of DBC substrates up to 8000V.

·         Fitted with user-friendly interface, intuitive and ergonomic operator panel with glove-based touch screen.

·         Open and flexible multi-technology platform for testing of DBC substrates, discrete components and complex power modules.


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