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Flywheel Developer Supplies DoD Program

Pentadyne Power has received a follow-on order worth more than $2 million from Beaver Aerospace & Defense for an additional 46 DX-A2-rated (certified for national defense use) Pentadyne VSS+DC systems to be delivered over the course of the next several months.

The Pentadyne VSS+DC is an advanced dc flywheel power system that stores energy kinetically instead of chemically, delivering stable, reliable, dc voltage for applications where power continuity is critical. Flywheel energy systems can eliminate the need for hazardous, maintenance-laden batteries in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, or they can be deployed as the first line of defense with battery arrays to dramatically improve battery longevity and reliability. The flywheel system provides sufficient ride-through for short duration utility power outages (98% of which last less than 10 seconds) or until a backup generator can come online.

This third in a series of purchase orders from Beaver Aerospace is part of a procurement contract with Pentadyne to be the exclusive supplier of more than 500 clean energy storage systems that will be deployed in homeland security military defense applications during the next few years.

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