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Power Electronics

First Generation, High Voltage Alpha-MOS(tm) Platform

ALPHA AND OMEGA SEMICONDUCTOR LIMITED (“AOS”) introduced its first high-voltage (600V) product based on a proprietary Alpha-MOS technology platform. By taking advantage of major enhancements in process technology, the new device offers designers new opportunities to build higher efficiency power supplies and meet the increasingly stringent green product requirements.

The first product on this platform, AOTF27S60, is well suited for high voltage primary side applications. This new device reduces RdsA by a factor of 3.5 compared to its planar 600V MOSFETs, and improves the switching figure-of-merit Rds*Qg by a factor of 5.7. The Rds*Qg figure-of-merit is also 4.3 times lower than the super-junction technology recently released by a leading competitor. This state-of-the-art super-junction technology has been implemented on 200mm wafers, and promises to bring significant advantages in terms of process control, precision and cost. The device is available in TO-220, TO-220F, TO-262, TO-262F and D2PAK packages with Green and Pb-Free options.

This new high-voltage technology platform marks another important milestone in the continued execution of AOS' strategy. AOTF27S60 is the first of many products we expect to introduce utilizing this new high-voltage platform.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd., Sunnyvale, CA,

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