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Firm Receives Power Supply Order From Navy

Orbit International’s power group, Behlman Electronics, has received an order for approximately $120,000 for a high-voltage power supply used by the U.S. Navy on the UYQ-21 display console. These display consoles are used on aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships and Aegis cruisers and destroyers. Behlman was able to solve an obsolescence problem by providing a COTS solution for the U.S. Navy’s standard surface ship display system.

Dennis Sunshine, President and Chief Executive Officer of Orbit International, comments, “Behlman’s expertise in reverse engineering out-of-production products is critical to the military’s ability to bridge the gap between the end of cycle-life production of a system that may have seen 25 years of shipboard usage, and the start of latest state-of-the-art production consoles on a fleet-wide replacement system. We remain confident that this niche market will continue to lead to additional business opportunities.”

Sunshine also says, “These new orders have increased the backlog of our power group to over 50% more than at this time last year. This increase, along with the increased backlog from our Electronics Group should provide our Company with a strong second half of 2007 and well position the Company for continued growth as we enter 2008.”

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