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Filament Power Supply Targets Particle-Beam Applications

UltraVolt’s FIL-5V-3A is a precision center-tapped, nonisolated, low-voltage filament supply rated for 0 Vdc to 5 Vdc at 0 A to 3 A. The supply features high precision and high stability, and is designed for a variety of beam applications from electron guns to ion beams. The supply operates in either constant current (CC) regulated mode or constant voltage (CV) regulated mode. Output load regulation is less than 0.5%, no-load to full-load, in CV mode and less than 0.05% in CC mode, short circuit to full load. Between +26.4 Vdc and +21.6 Vdc, output line regulation is less than 0.01% in either CV or CC mode. Units currently exhibit a temperature coefficient of 15 ppm/°C in CC mode.

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