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Field Upgradable Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

RIGOL Technologies Inc. has announced an expansion in their portfolio of Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes.  The new DS1000Z Plus Series allows users to purchase a traditional 4 channel analog scope then upgrade with 16 channel logic analysis capability at a later time.  This future proof capability adds flexibility to this award winning Oscilloscope platform allowing customers to add additional capabilities as they are needed, minimizing upfront investment costs.

The DS1000Z Plus provides a powerful entry level instrument ideally suited to the needs of educators, hobbyists, and entry level embedded designers.  With bandwidths of 70MHz - 100MHz, 4 analog channels, 1GSa/sec sampling, 12Mpts memory, and an optional integrated 2 channel source the DS1000Z Plus provides a very capable instrument at an exceptionally low price starting at just $639.  As analysis needs grow there are 5 available upgrades that can be purchased and applied to the instrument at any time:

  • MSO Upgrade - Adds 16 channel logic analysis capability
  • Advanced Triggering - Adds advanced triggering capabilities for complex debug
  • Record Mode - Record and replay up to 60,000 frames
  • Serial Decode and Trigger - Decode and trigger on many popular busses
  • Extended Memory - Extend memory depth to 24MPoints

The ability to add these features at any point allows customers an affordable entry point scope with the ability to extend capabilities as needed.  This puts a powerful advanced testing capability in reach for the budget conscious consumer.

The RIGOL Mixed Signal Oscilloscope portfolio spans from 70MHz to 500MHz meeting the needs of most educational labs and embedded designs.  Each of these products delivers unprecedented customer value by delivering outstanding performance characteristics, convenient upgradeability, and world class product quality - all at industry leading price points. 

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