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Factory Rebuild Will Enable PV Manufacturing

SANYO will rebuild part of its Shiga Plant in Japan to allow the production of HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer) Solar Cell Modules. The company will also transfer part of the functions of environmental management, quality control, and customer satisfaction in the SANYO Group, such as the Environmental Management Center, Product Inspection Center, and Customer Contact Center, to another section within the Shiga Plant. Until last year, the Shiga Plant was used for the development and production of commercial laundry machines and other commercial appliances, such as microwave ovens and electromagnetic cookers.

Currently, the production of HIT Solar Cells takes place at two locations, namely the Nishikinohama Plant, Osaka, and Shimane SANYO Electric. Module assembly takes place in four locations, including two locations in Japan (Nishikinohama and Tokyo) and two locations overseas (Hungary and Mexico). SANYO will construct a new facility on the current grounds of the Shiga Plant location. Approximately 2 billion yen will be invested and operations will start by FY 2007. Cooperating with Seishin Research and Development Section and Nishikinohama District’s Technological Development Section, SANYO will be able to answer the surging demand for Solar Power Generation system. Production plans call for the output of 40 MW by FY 2007, and production will be expanded in FY 2008. The Shiga Plant also aims to become a “Zero Emissions” factory.

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