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Extended Line of Enhanced Floating Hot-Deck Power Supplies

UltraVolt, Inc. announced the extension of its EFL Series of enhanced floating "hot-deck" isolated power supplies. EFL Series units were originally offered up to 15kV of isolation; now the line can achieve up to 30kV of isolation.

The EFL Series of "hot-deck" isolated system modules are already know for simplifying designs that have electronics highly isolated and/or truly floating on high voltage. Designers just apply power, signals, and controls to the module and have an output isolated by 150GΩ (15kV) or 2GΩ(30kV), and AC leakage capacitance of <40pF (all models). The new 30kV version of the EFL Series achieves a 100% increase in withstand voltage in only a 5.7 in3 increase in volume.

With this single encapsulated module, users have 30kV isolated low-voltage power sources of +12 or +24 VDC, ±15VDC and +5VDC as well as two analog I/O channels, and one digital I/O channel. The new 30EFL maintains the EFL Series enhanced performance, which includes analog channel initial offset error of <±2mV, gain error of <±0.2%, linearity error of <±0.5%, and a temperature coefficient of <±10ppm.

Typical applications for the EFL Series include some of the world's most advanced devices, such as: scanning electron microscope (SEM) image and inspection systems and tools, focused ion beam (FIB) tools, medical patient diagnostic / patient treatment equipment, and mass spectrometers. Uses for EFL modules in these applications are stacking / floating high-voltage power supplies, floating precision filaments, floating bias supplies for detectors, floating gate supplies, floating LVPS for powering fiber optic links, and floating precision bias supplies.

Part Number: EFL

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