EnergyStar ratings for homes?

A new EU Directive will force home owners to post energy efficiency ratings for their dwelling when offering it for sale.

Many EU countries already force homeowners to get proof of energy efficiency for the sale or rent of a dwelling. In the UK, for example, the proof takes the form of Energy Performance Certificates. Now the new EU Directive taking effect in 2012 will dictate that energy efficiency ratings for the house be made part of any advertising. EU energy efficiency ratings resemble those of the EPA's EnergyStar program in the U.S. and typically use a green, amber or red energy efficiency grading.

Many EU governments also offer their citizens loans for making energy efficiency improvements to get better ratings. In the UK, for example, residents can get loans for home energy efficiency improvements repayable, over 20 years or more, out of fuel bill savings.

UK Energy Saving Trust:

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