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Endless Jumpers

WAGO Corporation's 2002 Series simplify continuous commoning for TOPJOB® S DIN-rail terminal blocks. Developed for blocks with one jumper slot per level, two compact Endless Jumper contacts (legs) fit in one jumper slot. Beyond providing continuous commoning in one slot, also eliminate wire jumpers for expanding commoning options.

Jumpering within a single row via also enhances terminal block adaptability. accommodate additional terminal block accessories, such as test and component plugs. For example, component plugs pair with diodes (backlash protection), LEDs (status indication) or resistors (signal conversion). To customize, remove individual jumpers from Endless Jumper assemblies.

The Endless Jumper capitalizes on WAGO's exclusive jumper slot design that features a retention spring. Each terminal block is spring-loaded with a double socket and resilient CrNi steel spring. The jumper contact is pure electrolytic copper, allowing extremely small designs like Endless Jumper to carry the terminal block's full-rated current.

  • Step Down Jumper - Move from larger gauge to smaller gauge terminal blocks.
  • Push-In Wire Jumper - Point-to-point jumpering across many terminal blocks.
  • Colored Jumpers - Red and blue variants (indicate positive/negative) signals.
  • Vertical Jumpers - Convert a multi-level terminal block into a common potential.

WAGO Corporation
Part Number: Endless Jumpers

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