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Electromagnetic Field Simulation Add-In

Electromagnetic Field Simulation Add-In

Infolytica Corporation announces that MagNet for SolidWorks, the company's electromagnetic field simulation add-in, is now available. SolidWorks® users who need to design and analyze electromagnetic or electromechanical devices can use this new tool directly in their preferred CAD environment.

MagNet for SolidWorks is the newest embedded 3D electromagnetic field solver from Infolytica Corporation. The simulation and analysis of any electromagnetic device can be performed completely within the Solidworks environment, making it simpler than ever to setup such complex design problems. This includes a wide range of applications such as transformers, sensors, MRI, actuators, solenoids and more.

This new product is not a live link or connection of two standalone software tools, but rather a fully integrated add-in to SolidWorks which runs seamlessly inside the CAD environment. This means designers can quickly make geometric modifications to examine its impact without worrying about exporting model data and dealing with compatibility issues.

MagNet for SolidWorks' solution approach is based on the highly accurate finite element method for simulating static, frequency dependent or time varying electromagnetic fields.

Another unique feature which makes this tool fast and easy to use is the automated operations for coils which detects for the user  the connected components, cross section area and direction of current flow.

Beyond the standard field, probe and chart displays common to design and analysis software, MagNet for SolidWorks includes state-of-the-art visualization features:

·     Detach and move components when viewing a field solution for a better understanding of the performance

·     Slice and peel through field results

MagNet for SolidWorks is now available for PC's running Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 and Solidworks 2013 or 2014.

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