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Dual-Output Switchers Target Consumer Electronics

Texas Instruments’ four dual-output SWIFT dc-dc non-synchronous stepdown converters can reduce the cost for POL systems in HDTVs, set-top boxes, and other consumer electronic systems. The integrated FETs deliver 2 A (TPS54283 and TPS54286) or 3 A (TPS54383 and TPS54386) of continuous output current per channel, and the converters reduce input capacitance by switching each output 180° out-of-phase at a frequency of 300 kHz (TPS54283 and TPS54383) and 600 kHz (TPS54286 and TPS54386). The devices also support input voltages from 4.5 V to 28 V. Low on resistance and a thermal shutdown of 145°C provide good thermal performance in systems where a cooling fan is absent.

Each device features current-mode control and integrates the compensation components to lower the total number of required external parts. A sequencing pin allows the user to select which output ramps up first, or allows both outputs to ramp ratiometrically. Output-voltage accuracy is 1.5% down to the minimum 0.8 V. Available in a thermally enhanced 5-mm x 6-mm, 14-pin HTTSOP package, 1000-piece pricing is $3.20 each for the TPS54283 and TPS54286, and $3.40 each for the TPS54383 and TPS54386. The SwitcherPro software design tool for these devices is available free through www.ti.com/analogelab.

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