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LeCroy Corporation's line of WaveMaster 8 Zi-A digital oscilloscopes provide 20 GHz bandwidth on each of their four channels. The standard sample rate is 120 GS/s for 45 GHz bandwidth, 80 GS/s for 25 to 30 GHz bandwidths, and 40 GS/s on all four channels at 20 GHz bandwidth. For 4 to 20 GHz bandwidths, the standard sample rate is 40 GS/s on all four channels with an option to increase the sampling rate to 80 GS/s on two channels. All memory is available at full record lengths for analysis processing, 20 Mpts/ch is provided standard, with memory options up to 256 Mpts/ch available. In 120 and 80 GS/s mode, memory can be interleaved to 768 and 512 Mpts/ch.

The WaveMaster 820Zi-A model provides four channels at 20 GHz with good performance and signal fidelity. The second generation SiGe chipset used in the 8 Zi-A provides ample bandwidth out to 20 GHz without the need for the bandwidth "boosting" that is utilized on competitive products that are rated in hardware to 16 GHz and utilize digital signal processing (DSP) to excessively "boost" bandwidth. This type of bandwidth boost used by competitors carries significant signal fidelity penalties such as increased noise, increased jitter noise floor, excessive overshoot, and effective number of bits (ENOB) dropouts in the mid-bandwidth range. Conversely, the 820Zi-A model suffers from none of these phenomena and exhibits exceptional rise time, overshoot, noise, and jitter noise floor performance, including class leading total jitter noise floor of <190 fs rms.

The WaveMaster 845Zi-A model uses proven, second generation SiGe track and hold and analog-to-digital (ADC) components to achieve good performance. This oscilloscope bandwidth is ideal for leading-edge research and development applications, especially in t
he optical market for high-speed next generation long-haul optical network development. In addition to the 45 GHz capability, the oscilloscope may also be operated in a 30 GHz / 2 channel or a 20 GHz / 4 channel mode. This gives flexibility to utilize multiple channels at 30 GHz or 20 GHz for timing validation while retaining the ability to utilize fewer channels for higher bandwidth signal fidelity measurements. The 20 GHz four channel rating of the 845Zi-A (and likewise, the 830Zi-A) has 25% more bandwidth compared to competitive offerings that reach to 30 GHz and only provide a four channel bandwidth of 16 GHz. Jitter Noise Floor at 45 GHz is an astounding 125 fs rms.

Maximum sample rate in single channel mode is 120 GS/s (45 GHz), with 80 GS/s and 40 GS/s operation in 2 channel (30 GHz) and 4 channel (20 GHz) modes respectively. Likewise, maximum analysis memory available is 768, 512, or 256 Megapoints/channel in 45,
30, and 20 GHz modes, respectively.

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