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DC-DC Converters Suit Military and Aerospace Needs

International Rectifier’s (IR) AHP line of hybrid dc-dc converters for digital and analog circuits features an added overvoltage protection circuit on the input of the device while maintaining backward compatibility to the company’s HiRel AFL converter series and other industry-standard converters. The AHP series offers as high as 87% efficiency and a power density of as much as 84 W/in3.

The new series of converters utilizes 25% fewer internal components, increasing reliability compared to the AFL series. The AHP series converters are designed to function continuously in rugged environments typically encountered in military and aerospace applications.

The AHP input overvoltage protection will shut down the converter at 110% of the maximum-rated input voltage and will re-start when the input voltage drops below this threshold. The AHP converters also feature high power density with no derating over the temperature range of -55ºC to +125ºC. This series is offered as part of a complete family of converters providing single and dual output voltages and operating from nominal 270 Vdc input and outputs of 3.3 V, 5 V, 6 V, 8 V, 9 V, 12 V, 15 V, 28, ±5 V, ±12 V, and ±15 V and power ratings from 80 W to 120 W.

For applications requiring higher output power, individual converters can be operated in parallel. The internal current sharing circuits assure equal current distribution among the paralleled converters. This series incorporates IR’s proprietary magnetic pulse feedback technology that provides optimum dynamic line and load regulation response. This feedback system samples the output voltage at the pulse-width modulator fixed clock frequency, nominally 550 kHz. Multiple converters can be synchronized to a system clock in the 500 kHz to 700 kHz range or to the synchronization output of one converter.

The AHP converters are available in four screening grades including CH grade, which is fully-compliant to the requirements of MIL-H-38534 for class H. Variations in electrical, mechanical and screening can be accommodated. Available immediately, modules are priced in the high $700 range for each device in quantities of 100.

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