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DC-DC Converters are Intel-approved

C&D Technologies’ four-model VRM10 family of dc-dc converters is designed and approved for powering the popular Intel Potomac, Cranford, Gallatin, Nocona, and Irwindale processors typically used in server applications. The range comprises the VR100B080CU-2C (80-A 1U module), the VR102B150CS-2C (120-A 2U module), and the 150-A VR102B150CU-2C (1U ) and VR102B150CS (2U) modules.

The VRM10 family provides hardware developers with a high degree of flexibility when selecting the most appropriate dc-dc converter to power processors in their applications. All of the modules meet Intel’s processor power specifications (10.0, 10.1 and 10.2). Each of the modules in the family has efficiency of 85% and 90%, and delivers a 6-bit DAC-programmable output voltage of 0.8375 V to 1.60 V. Typical input voltage for all models is 12.0 V.

The comprehensive specification includes power good output, differential remote sense, remote enable, dynamic VID capability, and tri-state output when disabled. Unit pricing for the C&D Technologies VRM10C is $44 in OEM quantities.

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