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Data Extender Powers IEEE802.3af-Compliant Devices

Phihong USA is releasing a new IEEE802.3at-powered extender for powering IEEE802.3af-compliant applications located up to 660 feet from a network switch. Designated the POE16S-1AFG, the extender is powered by a PoE Plus input of 33.6W from a midspan or power injector for an output of 19.6W that is compliant with the IEEE802.3af standard. The POE16S-1AFG may also operate at gigabit Base-T data rates for applications in remote locations including wireless access points and security devices such as IP cameras and sensors.

For full functionality the extender is designed to be powered using an IEEE802.3at-compliant power injector or midspan with an output of 33.6W. The extender will then compensate for power drops, boosting voltage back up to 56V with 19.6W IEEE802.3af-compliant output for a device that may be 660 feet from the network switch.

Alternatively the extender can detect IEEE802.3af-compliant outputs and may be operated in tandem with other extenders to extend PoE or data to 990 feet and further. When the input on the extender is connected to another POE16S-1AFG or IEEE802.3af midspan with an output of 19.6W, the extender will have an output of 15.4W for an end device. Power will continue to degrade 20-25% per extension should users wish to extend to further distances.

The POE16S-1AFG features over-current and short-circuit protections and may operate from 0°C to 40°C at gigabit Base-T data rates. When operating at 10Mb or 100Mb Base-T data rates the extender may operate in ambient temperatures up to 55°C.

The single-port gigabit extender measures 120mm by 60mm by 32mm and weighs 0.5Kg. Pricing for the POE16S-1AFG starts at $152.15 in single unit quantities

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