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Data Center Operator Purchases Backup Power System

DigiPlex Norway AS, which owns and operates DigiPlex Centre, a high-security data center in Norway, has placed an order with Active Power for a 4-MW turnkey backup power system. The system will include Active Power’s flywheel-based uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a diesel system, switchgear and related components, services and installation. The system will be shipped and installed in the second and third quarters of this year and will be used to provide increased power protection for the DigiPlex Centre.

“The DigiPlex Centre protects critical data in an incredibly secure environment for the ‘who’s who’ in various markets, including telecommunications, government and security,” said Dag Gjetring, DigiPlex Site Manager. “It’s important we have technology in place that seamlessly handles power fluctuations, sags and outages as our customers demand it. We were impressed with the integrated approach Active Power proposed and the exceptional levels of operating efficiency in their UPS.”

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