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Cyberex SuperSwitchGT Integrates Distributed Energy Sources with Electrical Power Utility Grids

Thomas & Betts Power Solutions has enabled the deployment of micro grids with its new Cyberex SuperSwitchGT, which offers autonomous operation and powering from distributed energy sources (islanding) with unmatched switching speed. The three-phase Cyberex SuperSwitch®GT protects critical loads connected to a distributed energy source, or micro grid, from power quality anomalies on the utility grid by instantly isolating it.

"The Cyberex SuperSwitchGT enables fast connection and islanding of micro grids to and from the utility grid," said Hans Pfitzer, vice president of engineering at Thomas & Betts Power Solutions. "The unit constantly monitors power on both utility and micro grids. It autonomously makes necessary connections and disconnections without any interruption of power. Power can flow in either direction, allowing the importing or exporting of power to or from the utility grid."

The Cyberex® SuperSwitch®GT uses silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) to connect and disconnect the micro grid quickly to and from the utility grid in 20 microseconds or less. This allows critical operation with equipment needing a continuous power source. The unit also monitors and corrects power reversals and back feeding, and automatically transfers excess energy generated by the micro grid to the utility grid or other, non-critical loads. The unit can be programmed to allow various over- and under-RMS voltage levels and response time delays.

Compliant with IEEE 1547, the Cyberex® SuperSwitch®GT also facilitates voltage, current, frequency and phase synchronization.

Cyberex, which has been building power quality equipment used in critical applications for more than 30 years, has combined technology successfully applied in critical data centers with the durability required of industrial uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems in developing the Cyberex® SuperSwitch®GT. Cyberex®'s Experienced field service and technical support, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is included.

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