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Counterfeit IC Detector

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced ABI Sentry, a simple to use unique solution that quickly and easily detects the authenticity of ICs and components. ABI Sentry uses a combination of electronic parameter settings (voltage, frequency, source resistance and waveform) to generate a PinPrint for each pin of the IC being checked. It then compares the unique electrical signature of known components with suspect components. ABI Sentry can quickly detect missing or incorrect dies, lack of bond wires, inaccurate pin outs and pin impedance variations. Simple pass or fail results are returned after testing, offering a high level of confidence in the authenticity of components. PC-driven ABI Sentry's device library can be built up by adding specific known good devices.

Each device can have documents associated with it, such as photos of device markings, data sheets, and other documents to further help in confirming the integrity of a device. ABI Sentry contains all the hardware required to analyze the electrical characteristics of ICs with up to 256 pins. 256 pins+ devices can also be tested by rotating the device (BGA, QFP) to allow all pins to be learned and compared ABI Sentry is supplied with four 48 pin dual in line (DIL) zero insertion force (ZIF) sockets; these can be used directly for older DIL components but can also be used to accommodate a variety of additional socket adapters available for different package types. The socket adapter can contain multiple IC sockets if required, to allow testing several ICs at the same time or comparing one IC with another. An expansion connector allows custom socket adapters with up to 256 pins to be attached.

Controlled via USB using the provided PC software, ABI Entry is suitable for all device and package types ranging from simple two pin devices to more complex packages such as QFP and BGA. It provides easy-to-understand “good/suspect/fail” results, with a full analysis report available - and no operator training is required. ABI Sentry is housed in a sturdy metal box (10.6” x 10” x 3.6”) and weighs 8lbs.

Made in Europe by ABI Electronics Ltd., a leading embedded test equipment manufacturer, ABI Sentry is available now at $3995.00.

Saelig Co.
Part Number: ABI Sentry

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