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Converters Target Base-Station PAs

Lambda’s PAH450S series of 450-watt pc-board-mountable dc-dc converters are intended primarily for next-generation RF PAs employed in wireless base stations, cell repeaters and mobile communications systems. Specifically designed for these applications, the converter modules endure extreme ambient temperature swings, enable low heat dissipation, and provide a wide output adjustment for optimum amplifier performance.

The converters have a half-brick footprint and operate with efficiencies up to 92%. Input voltage for the series ranges from 36 Vdc to 76 Vdc. Units are available with a nominal output of 28 V (adjustable from 16.8 V to 33 V) or 48 V (adjustable from 28.8 V to 57.6 V).

Available now, pricing is $116 each in 100-unit quantities.

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