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Compact Three-phase EMI Filters Comply with UL1283 and IEC 60939

LCR Electronics offers the 096C series filters for high current three-phase applications. The 096C series features high inductance common mode coils to increase filter attenuation performance. Designed to handle currents from 250 A to 800 A at 50°C, these filters are ideal for high current applications such as solar and wind power inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), battery chargers, CNC machines, injection molding and electrical discharge machining (EDM) equipment.

High current filters are traditionally designed with single turn common mode coils. The 096C series filters feature multi-turn coils to increase common mode inductance and increase the filter attenuation capabilities to suppress EMI emissions generated by high current switching devices from 100 KHz and up. These filters are in compliance with all safety and environmental requirements of UL1283 and IEC 60939.

The 096C series is rated 600 VAC line-to-line or neutral for DC to 400 Hz applications, with low leakage current to ground. These filters are designed to withstand 2,250 VDC line-to-line or neutral, 2,800 VDC line-to-ground test voltage and 140% of the rated current for 15 minutes.

Higher current and optional liquid-cooled filters for applications with high ambient temperatures are also available.

LCR Electronics

Part Number: 096C Series

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