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Compact POL Delivers 50 A

Delta Electronics has added the ND 12-V input, 50-A point-of-load converter (POL) to its Delphi Series of board-mounted dc-dc converters. Designed to address customers’ size and board space constraints, this module cuts size by 35% to 50% compared to Delta’s first generation NC series POL modules.

Device type: 50-A, nonisolated point-of-load converter
Input voltage range: 10.2 V to 13.8 V
Output voltage: 0.9 V to 3.63 V, resistor adjustable
Efficiency: 92.5% at 12 V input and 3.3 V output and 50 A
Features: provides full output current at up to 60ºC ambient temperature (at 3.3 V output), with less than 200 LFM airflow, while keeping component junction temperatures under most derating guidelines; remote on-off; power good output signal
Protection features: input UVLO, output overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, short circuit protection
Packaging: vertically mounted, through-hole package measures 61 mm x 31.8 mm x 10.2 mm
Target applications: data communication, networking and server applications
Pricing: unit price is $15 in quantities of 1000
Availability: samples available now
Data sheet? yes, see www.delta.com.tw/dcdc/std/download/data_sheet/DS_ND12S50A_12072007.pdf

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