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Commercial-Grade Thinnet (10Base-2) and Thicknet (10Base-5) Converters for Legacy Installs

L-com, Inc. has released two new commercial grade Ethernet converters: one converts 10Base-T RJ45 to 10Base-2 Thinnet Coax BNC, the other converts 10Base-T RJ45 to 10Base-5 DB15M AUI (Thick Ethernet). Both converters are designed to allow legacy equipment with older-style Ethernet connections to be connected to modern Ethernet networks at 10 Mbps.

While Ethernet networking has long moved past these legacy interfaces, there are many older installs of expensive equipment that still utilize them. Due to cost or logistical considerations, many choose to extend the life of this older equipment that is already in place and paid for and adequately meets their requirements. The challenge is interfacing the old with the new. These new converter and transceiver products are small, light-weight, and relatively inexpensive.

"Users of legacy equipment are finding their options shrinking when they need to connect it to their modern network," said Manuel Martinez, Product Manager. "We are introducing these products to help our customers continue to solve this problem."

These new products are set to be stocked in the USA for same-day shipments, and datasheets with additional specification details are available on the L-com website.

L-com, Inc.
Part Number: Thinnet

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